Fullstack NFT Marketplace (Course)

Fullstack NFT Marketplace (Course)

Are you ready to unlock the world of blockchain and create your own NFT Marketplace? If you have a solid foundation in web development fundamentals like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then this course is tailor-made for you!


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Key Features:

🔐 User Authentication with Metamask: Ensure secure user access with Metamask integration.

💼 User Wallet Integration: Seamlessly integrate user wallets for a smooth NFT experience.

🖼️ NFT Listing and Browsing: Learn how to list and explore NFTs on your platform.

💱 NFT Purchase and Sale Transactions: Enable easy and secure NFT transactions.

🔨 Auction and Bidding Features: Implement exciting auction and bidding functionalities.

👑 Royalty Management: Manage royalties effortlessly.

⚛️ React for Frontend UI: Craft a stunning frontend UI with React.js.

🎨 Tailwind CSS for Frontend Design: Design beautiful, responsive UIs with Tailwind CSS.

🔗 EthersJs for Blockchain Integration: Interact seamlessly with the Ethereum blockchain using EthersJs.

🛠️ Hardhat for Smart Contract Development: Streamline your smart contract development with Hardhat.

📄 NFT Metadata Processing with NodeJs: Manage NFT metadata efficiently using Node.js.

🧪 Chai Test Framework: Ensure the reliability of your code with Chai tests.

And much more!

Whether you're an experienced developer looking to expand your skill set or a complete beginner eager to explore the world of NFTs, the Fullstack NFT Marketplace course is the perfect choice for you. Get your copy today and start building your own NFT marketplace! 🚀🌐