Fullstack NFT Minting (Course)

Fullstack NFT Minting (Course)

Ready to dive into the world of NFTs and minting platforms? Our Fullstack NFT Minting course is here to guide you through the entire process, from blockchain basics to deploying your own NFT minting platform.


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Key Features:

🎁 Airdrop Features: Explore airdrop functionalities to reward your users.

🔃 Multistage Minting: Learn how to implement multistage minting processes.

💰 Revenue Split: Discover how to manage revenue splits with ease.

📜 WhiteList: Explore WhiteList features for controlled access.

📊 Dashboard Page: Create a user-friendly dashboard for easy management.

🖼️ Minting Page: Develop a dedicated minting page for your NFTs.

👑 Admin Page: Gain administrative control with an admin page.

📇 WhiteList Page: Implement a WhiteList management page.

🎨 ERC721 Features: Learn about ERC721 standards for NFTs.

🌐 Wallet Connect Web3Modal: Integrate Wallet Connect for seamless interactions.

📦 Batch Minting: Master the art of batch minting.

💲 Secondary Sales (OpenSea): Explore secondary sales on OpenSea.

⚛️ React for Frontend UI: Create a stunning frontend UI with React.js.

🎨 Tailwind CSS for Frontend Design: Design beautiful UIs with Tailwind CSS.

🔗 EthersJs for Blockchain Integration: Interact with Ethereum using EthersJs.

🛠️ Hardhat for Smart Contract Development: Streamline smart contract development with Hardhat.

🧪 Chai Test Framework: Ensure the reliability of your code with Chai tests.

And much more!


Whether you're a seasoned developer or a complete beginner, this course equips you with the skills to create and deploy your NFT minting platform. Enroll now and start minting your own unique digital assets today! 🚀🖼️